Who we are

We are a team of experts, zoologists, leisure architects, designers and engineers.

More concrete, we are an international zoo, aquarium and leisure experience design team, offering turnkey planning, development and implementation services. Currently, we are the only architectural company that associates the long-term experience of private zoological garden operations with the genuine expertise of innovative leisure architects and experienced engineers.

This enables ZOOQUARIUMDESIGN to include unique know-how on all the aspects connected with the successful display and management of exotic animals; the latter having the benefit of being deeply integrated in the international zoo world.

In order to deliver an entertaining, sustainable and enjoyable exhibit for healthy, reproductive and active animals, our team members and associates are not only architects, but specialists in all related fields, turning exhibits into world-class exhibit.

The strength of our team: We’ve already worked together successfully, and everybody knows his place, according to his background and talents. Our slogan is therefore “Never change a winning team”.